Ugandan Children’s Choir Kicks Off American Tour on Vineyard

Wearing matching grey fleeces, the children from the 33rd Watoto Children’s Choir filed out of the pews of the Faith Community Church Sunday, smiling broadly as they approached the altar. Standing side by side in a few short lines, one behind the other, the 17 children — along with four of their adult leaders — were ready to sing. When they did, the smiles on the church members faces matched those of the children.

Pipe Dreams? Irish Trio Brings Lunasa Spirit to Saturday Show

Irish musicians are melting the membrane that once separated the flute, fiddle and pipes from the driving baselines and hip-swiveling rhythms of modern music — and three free-wheeling members of the band Lunasa will show how it’s done at a concert Saturday, Sept. 6, at 8 p.m. at the Katharine Cornell Theatre in Vineyard Haven.

Musicians Take to Lola’s for Penelope Dickens

Kathy and Paul Domitrivich of Lola’s Southern Seafood are hosting a summer solstice fundraiser for Penelope Dickens on Sunday, June 22. Penelope is in her third year of cancer treatments and needs help meeting her basic living costs.

Singing Rabbi Shneyer Wears Many Hats

Folksinger, storyteller and all-around funny guy Rabbi David Shneyer gave a coffeehouse performance Monday evening at the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center. Fingerpicking his Guild guitar, accompanying his tunes on harmonica too, donning different hats ­­— literally a cowboy hat or yarmulke or Greek sailor’s cap as the song demanded — the rabbi demonstrated for Islanders just how he has drawn a following within and well beyond the Jewish community.

Cutting CDs from Che’s Candlelit Cool

During the day Che’s Lounge is a quiet coffee shop with second-hand sofas and deep, sometimes springless armchairs situated at the back of an alley off Main street Vineyard Haven. In the summer months some of this furniture is dragged out under a canopy where a few regulars nurse lattes.

But by night it is one of the Island’s principle music venues.

BYO Banana for Musical Monkeys’ Puppet Show

A Sunday matiné e musical puppet show for all ages at Che’s Lounge will feature musical monkeys who love to dance and play, with their friends Bella and Arakataka’s Little Band. Are You Looking for Bananas? is the name of this happy play about a musical land where musician monkeys live and enjoy life.

The play and its songs are written by Bella and they are performed live in both English and Portuguese by Bella and Carol Loud, a music teacher for children.

Entrain Picks Up Pace With New Album

Entrain is back — not that the high-voltage global rhythm percussion band (you really can’t pin it down to one genre) actually disappeared. Just that, having veered away from producing new albums, Entrain is back with an album of all new songs, a new lead singer, new take on old philosophies, and new phase of what band founder Tom Major calls “prolific creativity.” Released in March by Dolphin Safe Records, Just A Matter of Time is the first album of new songs Entrain has put out in seven years.

Dorfman Shares a Joyous Dance with Creativity Born of Identity

It was a slightly jarring juxtaposition: At the front of the gym class two professional dancers moved seamlessly from their feet to the floor and back again. Strong and agile, the performers made modern dance look easy. Behind them, a class of seventh graders awkwardly followed along, falling, out of sync, and laughing at themselves — a reminder of how hard it really was.

Yo, What’s This Island Hip-Hop? Complex Humans Explain It All

The chorus was catchy, the kind that easily got stuck in your head: “When the sparks turn to flames, it’s time to play the blame game.”

The beat was almost inspirational, symphonic samples over a kick and a snare.

“Yo, who’s them four MCs with the same name?” rapped Robert (Bubba) Brown, Matt Lucier and Andrew Larsen, all seniors at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, together with their friend Henry Peacor from Colorado College.

Music to Connect With, not to Categorize

Trying to define the musical blend of Citizen Cope is a difficult and perilous exploration into the depths of a nearby thesaurus.

The musician’s voice often is described with frequent uses of the words soul and folk. His guitar has the whine of the blues as it slopes across the scale over the steady pulse of a hip-hop beat... Something like that, plus more adjectives.