Crazy that snow is so simple, yet so complicated. We all know it is just frozen water, but describing it can get much more detailed.
I thoroughly enjoyed last weekend’s storm. I was able to pick quite a bit of food from my garden before the snow started.
The grand total was 22,035 birds and 121 species. Here's how it all breaks down.
This week’s column would not be complete without mention of the passing of Vern Laux on Jan. 21.
The Martha’s Vineyard Commission last week approved a $1.42 million budget for the coming fiscal year.
Mark Jenkins, who has served as president of the board for 10 years, will step down at the end of January.
Vineyard Haven resident Nancy Parrish was recently recognized with the 2016 Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for Social Courage.
The first blizzard of 2016 is over and done with. Weather reports throughout the week were rather misleading, even right up to the day before when it...
Chilmark life is a learning experience . . . even in a blizzard. The appearance of mysterious snow balls caused dogs to bark, photographers to...